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At the table with Ahmad Mansour, ‘deradicaliser’

In this radio interview with hr2-kultur from 31st May, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour discusses the radicalisation of youth in Germany in the light of recent terror attacks. Mansour argues that the problem starts with a rejection of liberal democratic values and not just the actual readiness to use violence.


This Israeli ex-Salafist is one of Europe’s most outspoken critics of radical Islam

In this article, The Times of Israel echoes EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour in his call for Western governments to engage with Muslim youth vulnerable to extremist ideology. Mansour points out that “the challenge to German society is not only to respond to the problems of these young people before the Salafists and Islamists catch them, but also to educate them in a Western attitude that will make them immune to Islamist incitement.”


Interview with Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour

In this interview with Neue Westfälische, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour highlights the necessity of breaking down the black and white world views of Islamists which they are transporting to youth vulnerable to radicalisation. Me must enter into dialogues with these young people and give them the sense that they are being taken seriously, Mansour advises.


Islamism: Author Ahmad Mansour calls for more digital intervention to fight radicalisation online

This article by Allgemeine Zeitung discusses a talk given by EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour on the need for more digital intervention in the prevention of radicalisation. Youth must be reached out to on social media and made offers by mainstream society, a process currently dominated by Salafists.


A tolerant society has the duty to fight back against intolerance

This article by Swiss newspaper Kirchenbote gives an account of a discussion on the radicalisation of youth which took place in Basel, with the participation of EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour. In times where civil society is being destabilized and polarized, “we need schools that teach youth critical thinking and that allow for doubt and discussion”, Mansour said.


Don’t leave them alone!

In this contribution for the online magazine chrismon, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour calls for an upscaling of support for teachers to prevent and detect radicalisation in schools. Mansour points out that while violent Islamists should be dealt with by security authorities, the radicalisation of youngsters concerns our societies as a whole.


Children are free from suspicion and manipulable

In this interview with Abendzeitung München, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour discusses the case of a twelve-year-old who allegedly planned a bomb attack on a Christmas market in Ludwigshafen, Germany. This recruitment of children by terrorist or criminal organisations is not a new phenomenon, Mansour explains. Children have been in the focus of Islamists for years, be it Hamas or the Taliban.


Part II: Could integration prevent radicalisation of Muslim youth?

Daily News Egypt mentions EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour on why youngsters slip into radicalisation. “Mansour calls for a social and political rethinking process of the phenomenon of radicalisation in order to prevent and combat ideological extremism. It is a process, in which everyone in society should take part.”


Could Integration Prevent Radicalisation of Muslim Youth?

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is mentioned by the Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal in an event report on the “Conference on the Muslim youth in Germany between integration, compartmentalisation and new ways”, organised by the Frankfurt Research Centre for Global Islam. Mansour called for a social and political rethinking process of the phenomenon of radicalisation, in order to prevent and combat ideological extremism.


Ahmad Mansour: “A child with a headscarf is abuse”

In this interview with Der Standard, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour criticises the lack of a clear communication of societal values by the German government. He condemns the prevalent cultural relativism that prevents open debate about certain Islamic belief systems and explains why headscarfs should be banned from elementary schools.

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