Dr. Valentina Colombo

Senior Fellow


Valentina Colombo’s research focuses on democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa. She is particularly focused on liberal intellectuals in the region and the role of women in politics. Valentina teaches geopolitics in the Islamic world at the European University in Rome. As of July 2014, she is also a senior analyst at Wikistrat. Valentina has previously taught Islamic Studies and Arabic language and literature at Bologna University. She regularly appears in Italian media as well as in international press. She has published books including “Christianity in the Arab World” (2013), “Forbidden in the name of Allah” (2010) and “Islam: Instructions for use” (2009).
MA & PhD, Islamic Studies, Orientale University of Naples (Italy)
BA, Arabic Language and Literature, Catholic University of Milan (Italy)
Email: valentina.colombo [AT]
Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Analysis & Events


New report recommends collective response in fight against jihadist radicalism

“In a recent report, the European Foundation for Democracy​ and the Italian Institute for International Political Studies ( ISPI​ ) analysed some of the key hotbeds of jihadist radicalisation, in a bid to better understand the root-causes, triggers and dynamics of the phenomenon, and to suggest strategies to counter it.”


The Burkini Trap

EFD Senior Fellow Dr. Valentina Colombo writes for the Italian magazine Grazia on the controversial decision of the French authorities to ban ‘burkinis’, the full bathing suit Muslim women wear on the beach if they want to cover their bodies.


We must recognize the mistakes made by Jihad as well as our own errors

“The latest terror attack that struck Europe, the first that brutally aimed at killing a priest, but the last of a long series of attacks, must lead us to reflect on what has happened,its root causes, its consequences, the mistakes that were made, which cannot ever be repeated. Two Muslim intellectuals have lodged appeals that go precisely in this direction”.

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