Roberta Bonazzi

Founder and President


Roberta Bonazzi founded the European Foundation for Democracy in 2005 and has guided its growth for over a decade. Her expertise focuses on prevention of radicalisation, foreign policy, democratic reforms and extremism more broadly. She has directed successful pan-European campaigns on these and related issues. In recent months she has also been involved in a global campaign to raise awareness of how extremist organisations exploit social media to recruit and radicalise vulnerable people. She publishes and appears regularly in international media. Fluent in English, Italian, French and German, Roberta holds a degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from the University of Milan and a post graduate degree from the Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI).
Email: roberta.bonazzi [AT]

Analysis & Events


How to fix Belgium

EFD Executive Director and Director of CEP Europe Roberta Bonazzi is quoted in an article in POLITICO, along with other experts, analysts and politicians, for their views on how Belgium should reflect and react following the Brussels attacks on 22 March.


Preventing youths from becoming radicalized

EFD Executive Director Roberta Bonazzi, is interviewed on CNN in the wake of the Brussels attacks that occurred on 22 March. In the interview Bonazzi discusses the role that ideology plays in radicalising youth and vulnerable communities, highlighting that this problem could take a generation to resolve. She also appeals to countries who are either directly or indirectly funding the dissemination of this ideology to immediately cease such support.


Belgium works to fight radical extremism

Following the attacks in Brussels on 22 March, EFD Executive Director Roberta Bonazzi is interviewed on CNN to discuss the multiple failures which culminated and led to the attacks. In the interview, she highlights the incredibly complex governance system of Brussels which played a large factor, making it especially difficult to coordinate and ensure security.


What’s next in Brussels shutdown

EFD Executive Director Roberta Bonazzi is interviewed on CBSN to discuss radicalisation prevention in light of the major attacks at Zaventem airport and Maelbeek metro station in Brussels on 22 March. In the interview, Bonazzi highlights the difficulty protecting any city in an open society and soft targets in particular, like those with minimal security in which the Brussels bombers attacked earlier this week.


Security failures surface as Europe suffers another terror attack

EFD Executive Director Roberta Bonazzi is mentioned in Canadian news outlet The Toronto Star after conducting an interview with her, in response to the terror attacks on 22 March in Brussels that killed more than 32 people. “There was panic and a lot of confusion,” she said in the interview. “Not even six months after Paris we had another major attack in Europe.”


Art will heal the wounds of war

During a conference entitled “Beyond Emergency Aid: Long-term Integration Strategies for Syrian Refugees” at the European Parliament, reported by the well-known Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet, the Maya Foundation presented “Project Lift” – an NGO based in Turkey that has been helping traumatised Syrian children through art, dance and music.