Dr. Magnus Norell

Senior Fellow


Magnus Norell specialises in matters relating to terrorism, political violence, democracy and security in the Middle East and Central Asia. Magnus has worked as a researcher and analyst at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the Swedish Defence College, the Swedish Secret Service and the Swedish Military Intelligence Service. He is currently Associate Director of Studies in Terrorism, Organised Crime and Middle East Politics at Infosphere in Stockholm. He also currently serves as an Adjunct Scholar at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Washington D.C.
BA, MA, and PhD, Political Science, Stockholm University (Sweden)
Email: magnus.norell [AT]
English, Swedish, German, French, Hebrew

Analysis & Events


The Muslim Brotherhood is creating a ‘parallel social structure’ in Sweden, aided by ‘political elites’ making it impossible to criticise Islam, government report admits

EFD Senior Fellow Dr. Magnus Norell is mentioned by the British daily newspaper, the Daily Mail Online, on a report commissioned by Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), part of the country’s Ministry of Defence.


Corruption and Terrorist Violence Pose Obstacles to Peace

EFD Senior Fellow Magnus Norell writes about the Swedish government’s decision not to recognise an independent Western Sahara (or rather the Polisario movement). Among the issues discussed, he examines what has prevented the Swedish administration from recognising the independence of Western Sahara to date and what are the implications of Sweden’s decision.


Geneva III — Set-Up to Fail

EFD Senior Fellow Magnus Norell writes about the ongoing Geneva III talks, convened in a desperate attempt to negotiate an end to the five-year conflict in Syria. He suggests however that the talks were destined for failure before they ever started, due to, among other reasons, competing interests which ultimately led to the failures of the previous two Geneva talks.


Sweden, the EU, and Barriers to a Two-State Solution

EFD Policy Advisor Magnus Norell writes about Sweden’s recent decision to recognise the State of Palestine. In his analysis, he highlights that the decision is based on the Swedish administration’s justification that, “The international law criteria for the recognition of the State of Palestine have been satisfied,” indicating that, “there is a territory, albeit with non-defined borders. There is also a population. And there is a government with the capacity for internal and external control.”


Sweden and the Peace Process – A Strained Relationship

EFD Senior Policy Advisor, Magnus Norell, writes about the relationship between Sweden and Israel which he says has become increasingly strained due to a number factors, most notably the Swedish government’s recent recognition of the state of Palestine – the first major EU country to do so. Though receiving strong condemnation from Israel, Sweden argued that recognising Palestine as a state would facilitate more balanced (state-to-state) negotiations henceforth.


Return of the Caliphate – reasons and consequences

In December 2015, EFD Senior Fellow Magnus Norell published his book “Return of the Caliphate – reasons and consequences” where according to Kjell-Åke Nordquist, Associate Professor at Stockholm School of Theology “… he writes accessibly and pithily on events of global dimensions that are still being analysed with the inadequate tools, comparisons and perspective of an awakening”.


A Muslim push-back against the Islamic State

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