Dr. Bakary Sambe

Senior Fellow


Bakary Sambe specialises in and conducts research on Islamic movements and ideologies and Islam’s compatibility with democratic values and principles. In addition to his role at EFD, Bakary is an Assistant Professor and Researcher at the Department of Civilisations, Religions, Arts and Communication at the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis in Senegal. Bakary regularly advises international organisations and governments including representatives from France, Canada, and America on the threat from Islamic radicalisation in the Sahel. He also works closely with a European network of Muslim reformers, especially in France.
MA & PhD, Political Science, Lyon II University (France)
BA, Arab Civilisation & Foreign Literature, Lyon II University (France)
Email: info [AT]
Arabic, English, French

Analysis & Events


Dr Bakary Sambe on the double citizenship debate – a debate made of policy strategies

During the preparations of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, which will be held in Mali next September, EFD Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe has described as regrettable and nonsense the controversy about the double citizenship of the candidates in Senegal’s presidential election.


Journalists are required to act responsibly

EFD Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe is mentioned in an article published by Sud Quotiden on the relationship between media and terrorism. According to Sambe journalists should use a more accurate terminology when referring to the threat of terrorism in order to avoid creating panic among readers.


Dr Bakary Sambe: “The strategies implemented by the U.N. and by the Francophonie should not be competitive, but complementary and coordinated!’

FD Senior Fellow Dr. Bakary Sambe is mentioned by the online Senegalese newspaper Dakaractu, where he gives his personal opinion on terrorism and how it can be tackled on a global level. “The strategies implemented by the U.N. and by the Francophonie should not be competitive, but complementary and coordinated!”.


The fight against terrorism: former police officers are brandishing their weapons

EFD Senior Fellow Dr. Bakary Sambe is interviewed by Le Quotidien on the recent decision of the Union Nationale des Retraités de la Police (The National Union of Pensioners of the Police) to come forth and work together to prevent the spread of terrorism, while Dr. Sambe incites the local population to be more involved.


Morocco’s role in shaping Islam in Africa

  Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe commented on Morocco’s recent activities to become a leading religious influence in Africa. The Kingdom has just signed an agreement to train 500 imams in Mali, and King Mohamed VI’s upcoming official visit to Equatorial Guinee is likely to result in a similar arrangement. Bakary’s recent monograph, ‘Islam and Diplomacy.


The growing threat from radicalisation in Africa

On 14 and 15 October, the European Foundation for Democracy hosted a closed-door policy briefing on the growing threat from radicalisation in Africa. With the attack in Kenya this September, Islamic radicalisation in Africa has become an increasing concern to policymakers in the West. The guest speaker was EFD Senior Fellow Dr. Bakary Sambe, who presented his latest study on the influence of Wahhabism on terrorism in the Sahel to diplomats and European policymakers at the briefing.


Two Sahara-based jihadist groups merge

US international broadcaster Voice of America features a report on the merging of two North African militant groups, formerly linked to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Both have been responsible for taking hostages and launching suicide attacks. EFD Fellow Bakary Sambe contributes to the report noting that the name of this new group “Mourabitounes” comes from a thousand year old Islamist Berber dynasty, which was responsible for helping spread Islam in West Africa.

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