Ahmad Mansour

Senior Policy Advisor


is an Arab-Israeli who has dedicated his career to preventing and countering Islamist extremism and anti-Semitism, particularly among Muslim youth in Germany. As European Foundation for Democracy Programme Director, Ahmad works closely with European and German policy makers and different government ministries. He is also well known for his advocacy at the grass-roots level among educators, social workers, religious officials and police forces. In addition to his role at the European Foundation for Democracy, Ahmad works as a Research Associate at the Centre for Democratic Culture (ZDK). Within the scope of ZDK's Hayat programme, Ahmad counsels individuals who are concerned about cases of radicalisation in their immediate social environment, as well as following up on cases of radicalisation in prisons. In addition, Ahmad is the chairman of the Muslimisches Forum Deutschland/Muslim Forum Germany e.V. and has previously served as a member of the German Islam Conference. In recognition of his extensive work to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence, the Senate of Berlin awarded Ahmad the 2014 Moses Mendelssohn Prize. In 2016, Ahmad was awarded the Carl von Ossietzky Prize by the City of Oldenburg, as well as the Order of Merit of Berlin.
MA, Psychology, Humboldt University (Germany)
BA, Psychology, Tel-Aviv University (Israel)
Email: ahmad.mansour [AT]
Arabic, English, German, Hebrew

Analysis & Events


Many believe in a conspiracy against Turkey and Islam

In this interview with Die Welt, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour examines the question why many German Turks voted ‘yes’ in Erdogan’s referendum. His self-display as the strong man fighting evil powers responded well with many voters Mansour explains, who believe in a conspiracy against Turkey and Islam.


The state should be following the law, not religious commandments

In this article for Die Welt, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour discusses a recent court decision against the German Federal State of Berlin. Mansour criticises the adjudication of a compensation payment to a Muslim applicant for a teaching position who got turned down for wearing a headscarf.


Don’t leave them alone!

In this contribution for the online magazine chrismon, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour calls for an upscaling of support for teachers to prevent and detect radicalisation in schools. Mansour points out that while violent Islamists should be dealt with by security authorities, the radicalisation of youngsters concerns our societies as a whole.


Children are free from suspicion and manipulable

In this interview with Abendzeitung München, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour discusses the case of a twelve-year-old who allegedly planned a bomb attack on a Christmas market in Ludwigshafen, Germany. This recruitment of children by terrorist or criminal organisations is not a new phenomenon, Mansour explains. Children have been in the focus of Islamists for years, be it Hamas or the Taliban.


Part II: Could integration prevent radicalisation of Muslim youth?

Daily News Egypt mentions EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour on why youngsters slip into radicalisation. “Mansour calls for a social and political rethinking process of the phenomenon of radicalisation in order to prevent and combat ideological extremism. It is a process, in which everyone in society should take part.”


Could Integration Prevent Radicalisation of Muslim Youth?

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is mentioned by the Mashreq Politics & Culture Journal in an event report on the “Conference on the Muslim youth in Germany between integration, compartmentalisation and new ways”, organised by the Frankfurt Research Centre for Global Islam. Mansour called for a social and political rethinking process of the phenomenon of radicalisation, in order to prevent and combat ideological extremism.


Islam expert refers to Salafism as ‘an ideology of violence’

Educators are left absolutely unprepared by their professional training to deal with the issue of Salafism in schools, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour explains in this interview with Neue Westfälische. We must invest into preventive measures to enable the teachers to recognise radicalisation through means of rhetoric, behaviour and mindset.


A close look at the German Muslim associations

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is mentioned by the German Die Welt on the collaboration of the federal and state governments with Muslim associations. Closer examination is required to guarantee the compatibility of the associations’ understanding of religion with Germany’s liberal and democratic fundamental order, says Mansour. This requires a careful selection of those associations that can be considered as partners in prevention and youth work.


The ideology is stronger than a pseudo-state

In this interview with, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour cautions that the recent chalking up of military victories against Isis should not be equated with progress in the battle against the groups’ extremist ideology. We must continue all the more to fight Islamist radicalisation, Mansour urges, as followers of the ideology are increasingly prevented from leaving the country, raising the potential for attacks in Germany.


Ahmad Mansour: “A child with a headscarf is abuse”

In this interview with Der Standard, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour criticises the lack of a clear communication of societal values by the German government. He condemns the prevalent cultural relativism that prevents open debate about certain Islamic belief systems and explains why headscarfs should be banned from elementary schools.

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