Ahmad Mansour

Senior Policy Advisor


is an Arab-Israeli who has dedicated his career to preventing and countering Islamist extremism and anti-Semitism, particularly among Muslim youth in Germany. As European Foundation for Democracy Programme Director, Ahmad works closely with European and German policy makers and different government ministries. He is also well known for his advocacy at the grass-roots level among educators, social workers, religious officials and police forces. In addition to his role at the European Foundation for Democracy, Ahmad works as a Research Associate at the Centre for Democratic Culture (ZDK). Within the scope of ZDK's Hayat programme, Ahmad counsels individuals who are concerned about cases of radicalisation in their immediate social environment, as well as following up on cases of radicalisation in prisons. In addition, Ahmad is the chairman of the Muslimisches Forum Deutschland/Muslim Forum Germany e.V. and has previously served as a member of the German Islam Conference. In recognition of his extensive work to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence, the Senate of Berlin awarded Ahmad the 2014 Moses Mendelssohn Prize. In 2016, Ahmad was awarded the Carl von Ossietzky Prize by the City of Oldenburg, as well as the Order of Merit of Berlin.
MA, Psychology, Humboldt University (Germany)
BA, Psychology, Tel-Aviv University (Israel)
Email: ahmad.mansour [AT]
Arabic, English, German, Hebrew

Analysis & Events


Markus Lanz: Expert addresses the connection between religion and terror

This article by Huffington Post discusses EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour’s appearance as a guest on German weekly talkshow Markus Lanz. During the show Mansour discussed the latest Islamist terrorist attacks, saying that “we [Muslims] haven’t asked ourselves the question how such a monster could emerge in our midst.”


’Generation Allah’: Why we Muslims must ask ourselves some critical questions

In this article for FOCUS Online, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour calls attention to the fact that making young people resilient to extremist narratives must be at the core of addressing Islamist ideology. A precondition for this is the Muslim associations’ participation in a debate about an Islam that is compatible with our democracy and the German basic law, Mansour writes.


At the table with Ahmad Mansour, ‘deradicaliser’

In this radio interview with hr2-kultur from 31st May, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour discusses the radicalisation of youth in Germany in the light of recent terror attacks. Mansour argues that the problem starts with a rejection of liberal democratic values and not just the actual readiness to use violence.


’Let’s bomb violence with compassion’


This Israeli ex-Salafist is one of Europe’s most outspoken critics of radical Islam

In this article, The Times of Israel echoes EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour in his call for Western governments to engage with Muslim youth vulnerable to extremist ideology. Mansour points out that “the challenge to German society is not only to respond to the problems of these young people before the Salafists and Islamists catch them, but also to educate them in a Western attitude that will make them immune to Islamist incitement.”


Integration: experts believe debate about mainstream culture to be vital

This article by Rundblick gives an account of a discussion on integration and German “Leitkultur“, hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. “Leitkultur might not be the right term“, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour said, but “we must make clear to people the personal advantages that come with living in accordance with the basic law.“


Many believe in a conspiracy against Turkey and Islam

In this interview with Die Welt, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour examines the question why many German Turks voted ‘yes’ in Erdogan’s referendum. His self-display as the strong man fighting evil powers responded well with many voters Mansour explains, who believe in a conspiracy against Turkey and Islam.


Interview with Islamism expert Ahmad Mansour

In this interview with Neue Westfälische, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour highlights the necessity of breaking down the black and white world views of Islamists which they are transporting to youth vulnerable to radicalisation. Me must enter into dialogues with these young people and give them the sense that they are being taken seriously, Mansour advises.


Islamism: Author Ahmad Mansour calls for more digital intervention to fight radicalisation online

This article by Allgemeine Zeitung discusses a talk given by EFD Senior Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour on the need for more digital intervention in the prevention of radicalisation. Youth must be reached out to on social media and made offers by mainstream society, a process currently dominated by Salafists.

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