Mr Mansour, IS the terror group is planning to attack Switzerland?

Ahmad Mansour is interviewed in Switzerland’s Aargauer Zeitung on the topic of radicalisation among young Muslims. Ahmad stresses the danger of speaking about radicalisation exclusively in connection with violent jihadists; he states that the topic has to be understood as a broader tendency among young Muslims in “Generation Allah.”


Many points addressed, but very few questions answered

Facetten magazine reports on a panel discussion with Ahmad Mansour which took place at a church in Berlin’s Neukölln district under the title “Islam — between youth culture, religion and politics.” Among the guest speakers were Islamism expert Claudia Dantschke, local Imam Ender Cetin and Member of the Bundestag Erol Özkaraca (SPD).


Germany’s “Generation Allah”: why young Muslims are becoming radicalised

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is interviewed on German news portal on the topic of radicalisation among young Muslims in Germany. He describes tendencies in the current generation of young people – which he refers to as “Generation Allah” – where a general increase in religiousness can be observed.


ISIS destroys our heritage. Our culture is ignorance for them.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Giornale di Sicilia, EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo comments on the attack on the Syrian city of Palmyra by the militant group Islamic State. She highlights that, despite the general disapproval of IS, many Islamic groups would be opposed to Western intervention.


Psychologist on Islamism

Following a symposium at the Austrian Ministry of Justice on preventing Islamism in state prisons, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour appears on Austrian national news to discuss the radicalisation process, and what needs be done both in the Muslim community and in mainstream society to safeguard young people from the violent ideology.


Rising number of Islamists in Austria’s prisons

Austrian newspaper Der Standard reports on a symposium held by the Austrian Ministry of Justice to address the phenomenon of Islamic radicalization in state prisons. EFD Programme Director, who was among the international experts invited to take part in the conference, is quoted in the article: “in many cases, the Salafists prove to be the better social workers.”

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