New Turkish government urged to build bridges

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Demir Murat Seyrek is featured in the Belgian online newspaper EU Today, commenting on the Turkish general election that was held on 1 November 2015. As highlighted in the article, “in an overview of the outcome of the election” Dr Seyrek states that “Turkish voters ‘chose stability over fundamental rights and freedoms'”.


Europe’s refugee crisis: What is Germany actually giving Turkey?

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Demir Murat Seyrek is mentioned in the online newspaper CS Monitor regarding the refugee crisis in Turkey and its EU bid: “For the Turkish public, there has been a clear realization after seeing what happened in Syria and Iraq that the Western world is a far more attractive and stable option. There is a real fatigue about the Middle East while public support for EU membership is growing, which is something that politicians in Turkey are very much aware of.”


EU-Turkey relations carry a strategic significance

According to EFD Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Demir Murat Seyrek, the refugee crisis has demonstrated that the meaning of EU-Turkey relations goes beyond the discussions regarding Turkey’s full admission to the European Union. Turkey cannot ignore the EU and the EU cannot ignore Turkey; they are necessary to one another.


Strategic dialogue and cooperation between Turkey and the EU regarding Syria must not be abused in new Turkish elections

The Brussels Times reports on the upcoming elections in Turkey, in which this article discloses that the EU has been urged not to allow its strategic partnership with Turkey regarding Syria to be abused as an election item that could boost the ruling AK party. The warning comes a a time as EU leaders are meeting with Turkey to discuss the situation in Syria, the migrant crisis and the EU and Turkey’s “common fight against terrorism.”


What makes Salafism attractive?

The child and youth protection agency of the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia reports on a symposium which was held on 2nd June 2015 on the topic of “Salafism — recruitment strategies and prevention approaches.” At the symposium, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour discussed the psychological aspects of Salafism and why it can be appealing to young people.


Mr Mansour, IS the terror group is planning to attack Switzerland?

Ahmad Mansour is interviewed in Switzerland’s Aargauer Zeitung on the topic of radicalisation among young Muslims. Ahmad stresses the danger of speaking about radicalisation exclusively in connection with violent jihadists; he states that the topic has to be understood as a broader tendency among young Muslims in “Generation Allah.”

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