Those who wait until Islamism turns into violence have already lost

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is interviewed about Islamism and explains why the definition of this term has to be extended to include not only those who are actively committing violence, but those whose religious understanding does not comply with the fundamental values of the societies in which they live.


New Turkish government urged to build bridges

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Demir Murat Seyrek is featured in the Belgian online newspaper EU Today, commenting on the Turkish general election that was held on 1 November 2015. As highlighted in the article, “in an overview of the outcome of the election” Dr Seyrek states that “Turkish voters ‘chose stability over fundamental rights and freedoms'”.


Europe’s refugee crisis: What is Germany actually giving Turkey?

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Demir Murat Seyrek is mentioned in the online newspaper CS Monitor regarding the refugee crisis in Turkey and its EU bid: “For the Turkish public, there has been a clear realization after seeing what happened in Syria and Iraq that the Western world is a far more attractive and stable option. There is a real fatigue about the Middle East while public support for EU membership is growing, which is something that politicians in Turkey are very much aware of.”

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