The Belgian Parliamentary Inquiry on radicalization: a sensible analysis and a path towards change

Tommaso Virgili |

In this article for Al Mesbar Studies and Research Center, EFD’s Programme Manager Dr Tommaso Virgili analyses the recent Belgian Parliamentary inquiry on radicalisation, focussing in particular on the link between radical ideology and violent extremism.


The article is in English and can be read here.

About Tommaso Virgili

Tommaso Virgili works on a number of research projects relating to foreign policy, radicalisation and Islam. He has previously held posts at the European External Action Service (covering Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan), the Middle East Forum in Philadelphia and the Italian Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York. Tommaso holds a Master’s degree in Law from Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa and a Master's degree in Middle East and Islamic Studies from the American University of Paris and Cairo. He holds a PhD in Comparative Law focused on Islamic Constitutionalism, Sharia and Human Rights from Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies.

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