OECD Forum: Lunch debate on Migration & Integration

European Foundation for Democracy | Paris (France) |

As global migration continues to dominate the political discourse, businesses that understand the value of diversity will be better equipped to benefit from an inclusive workplace. Though public policy is central in the discussions about migration, the business community too plays a key role in the integration of migrants and in shaping a labour market that is skilled, employed and engaged. The challenges are not new but the solutions might be. The panel discussed the following questions:

How can the business community help to integrate refugees and other migrants into society and the labour market? Could entrepreneurship and the creation of companies in conflict-affected countries be an effective recipe to cease violence?

The guest speakers included: EFD Senior Policy Advisor John Duhig; Jean-Christophe Dumont from OECD; Anki Elken from Randstad Sweden; Yasmine Kerbache from the Flemish Parliament; Steven Koltai from Koltai & Co.; Juan Menéndez-Valdés from Eurofound; Kristian Persson, former Swedish Minister for Strategic Development and Nordic cooperation; Ranjith Kumar Prabhakaran, laureate of the Finnish “Mr Immigrant” price; Matthew Saltmarsh from UNHCR; Jonathan Wittenberg, Rabbi in London; and TV Presenter Ali Aslan (moderator).

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