La radicalizzazione di matrice jihadista in Europa

EFD’s Roberta Bonazzi and Francesco Farinelli analyze the phenomenon of Islamist radicalisation in Europe. Drawing from historical examples, and taking into account the ideological, socio-economic and psychological trigger, the authors argue that radicalisation, as a multifactorial phenomenon, must be addressed not only through security measures, but via a global approach involving close cooperation between governments, police, civil society and private sector. Civil society , in particular, can play a fundamental role in the prevention aspect, working at the grassroots level with at-risk individual. All actors involved in the counter-radicalization effort, the authors conclude, should promote an alternative narrative based on liberal democratic values.


The article is in Italian and is published in the report Atlante Geopolitico del Mediterraneo 2017

About European Foundation for Democracy

The European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) is a Brussels and Berlin-based policy institute that has been working with civil society, academic, governmental and other stakeholders on the prevention of radicalisation for more than a decade. Through our work with these organisations and groups, EFD’s goal is to ensure that the universal values of the Enlightenment – political pluralism, respect for individual rights, government by democracy – remain the founding precepts of European security and prosperity.

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