The Scene In Stockholm A Day After Attack

Magnus Norell | KAWC (USA) |

EFD Senior Fellow Magnus Norell is interviewed by KAWC News; he comments on the terrorist attack that occurred in Stockholm on 7 April 2017. He explains the different challenges that will be tackled in the near future in Sweden in order to manage this delicate situation.

This interview is in English and can be read here.



About Magnus Norell

Magnus Norell specialises in matters relating to terrorism, political violence, democracy and security in the Middle East and Central Asia. Magnus has worked as a researcher and analyst at the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the Swedish Defence College, the Swedish Secret Service and the Swedish Military Intelligence Service. He is currently Associate Director of Studies in Terrorism, Organised Crime and Middle East Politics at Infosphere in Stockholm. He also currently serves as an Adjunct Scholar at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy in Washington D.C.

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