Russian hacking poses ‘existential challenge’ to western governments

John Duhig | The Parliament Magasine (Brussels) |

EFD Senior Counsellor John Duhig is interviewed by The Parliament Magazine; he highlights the challenge Western governments encounter with regards to the alleged Russian hacking. He underlines the urgency of the situation, in a time where the growing polarisation and fear across Europe could increase the negative impact of fake news and propaganda.

This article is in English and can be read here.


About John Duhig

John Duhig is a Senior Policy Advisor at the European Foundation for Democracy. He has decades of experience in European public affairs and leads EFD’s advocacy and campaign activities, working closely with members of the European Parliament, EU regulators and diplomats in Brussels, as well as with national MPs and officials in many European countries on relevant policy issues. He began his career at the European Commission, working on human rights, good governance and democratic institution-building. He subsequently spent over a decade at two of Brussels' leading public affairs firms where he advised businesses on working with the European Parliament and European Commission.

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