Italy is playing with fire

Ahmad Mansour | Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany) |

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour and Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Lorenzo Vidino are cited in this article by Süddeutsche Zeitung on Italy’s citizenship policy. The article discusses the fact that only as little as 5% of Italian Muslims have the Italian citizenship, allowing the country to extradite 133 persons for their ties to Islamist extremism in the past two years. While this policy might be helpful in the short term with regards to fighting terrorism, Mansour criticises that in the long term “denying people citizenship and thus conveying to them on a daily basis that they don’t belong is creating tomorrow’s problems.” “The policy is not sending a good signal in terms of integration perspectives”, Vidino notes.

The article is in German and can be read here.

About Ahmad Mansour

is an Arab-Israeli who has dedicated his career to preventing and countering Islamist extremism and anti-Semitism, particularly among Muslim youth in Germany. As European Foundation for Democracy Programme Director, Ahmad works closely with European and German policy makers and different government ministries. He is also well known for his advocacy at the grass-roots level among educators, social workers, religious officials and police forces. In addition to his role at the European Foundation for Democracy, Ahmad works as a Research Associate at the Centre for Democratic Culture (ZDK). Within the scope of ZDK's Hayat programme, Ahmad counsels individuals who are concerned about cases of radicalisation in their immediate social environment, as well as following up on cases of radicalisation in prisons. In addition, Ahmad is the chairman of the Muslimisches Forum Deutschland/Muslim Forum Germany e.V. and has previously served as a member of the German Islam Conference. In recognition of his extensive work to promote tolerance and peaceful coexistence, the Senate of Berlin awarded Ahmad the 2014 Moses Mendelssohn Prize. In 2016, Ahmad was awarded the Carl von Ossietzky Prize by the City of Oldenburg, as well as the Order of Merit of Berlin.

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