Generation Allah: why we need to rethink our approach to fighting religious extremism

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EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour has released his first book, Generation Allah: why we need to rethink our approach to fighting religious extremism. Ahmad analyses the causes of Islamism and looks at ways out of the radical Islamist scene. The book explores several key questions, including why so many young individuals have been persuaded to carry out jihad; is Islam responsible for acts of terrorism; and how can we best address religious extremism? Ahmad observes that key actors in politics, civil society and especially in schools have been incapable of responding to these questions, which is not surprising considering the fact that the debates surrounding these issues are often incorrect and ill-informed. In light of his own experiences of radicalisation, as well as his years of experience in prevention work with young people in Germany, Ahmad is uniquely placed to answer these questions. He demonstrates that deradicalisation and counter-radicalisation are possible, and calls for a reform of the commonly practiced Islam.

This book is currently only available German and can be found here.

Click here to listen to a discussion of the book on German radio’s DeutschlandRadio Kultur.

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