Tunisia, a nascent democracy under siege

Valentina Colombo | EFD Report |

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo has analysed religious radicalisation in Tunisia and presented the findings in a report titled Tunisia, a nascent democracy under siege.

This publication falls within the framework of our Counter Radicalisation Programme. We are examining the role that secular institutions can play as a bulwark to radicalization – secularism, generally considered to be the guarantee that permits all religions freedom to practice. This will serve as a basis for comprehensive, well-tailored responses to the risks that religious radicalisation poses.

About Valentina Colombo

Valentina Colombo’s research focuses on democratisation in the Middle East and North Africa. She is particularly focused on liberal intellectuals in the region and the role of women in politics. Valentina teaches geopolitics in the Islamic world at the European University in Rome. As of July 2014, she is also a senior analyst at Wikistrat. Valentina has previously taught Islamic Studies and Arabic language and literature at Bologna University. She regularly appears in Italian media as well as in international press. She has published books including “Christianity in the Arab World” (2013), “Forbidden in the name of Allah” (2010) and “Islam: Instructions for use” (2009).

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