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Honour based violence

This month sees the publication of Gewalt im Name der Ehre (Honour-Based Violence), a series of essays co-authored by EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour. The publication deals with the topic of honour in connection with Muslim communities in Europe, and considers what solutions might be found to prevent honour-related violence against women.


We are facing new challenges

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is interviewed on German television about his own experience of radicalisation, as well as the challenge we face in dealing with this phenomenon in our communities today — a challenge which is being made increasingly apparent by the number of young Europeans being recruited to the militant Islamic group ISIS.


There is no alternative to a reform of Islam

In an interview in Germany’s Deutsche Welle, EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour speaks about the urgent need for a reform of Islam and for a culture of debate and critical questioning within the Islamic community. Ahmad stresses the importance of showing young people “an Islam that has nothing to do with radicalism”, and calls for the religion to be “freed from fear and the idea of a vengeful God.”

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